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Wilson Financial Advisors offers the following investment-planning services:

Investment Advising & Portfolio Design
Considering the client’s risk tolerance, investment policy and time horizon, WFA provides asset allocation and portfolio design that is conscious of underlying expenses and performance. Utilizing mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, closed end funds and certain individual bonds, we take a long-term approach to investing. Free of a product line or a single mutual fund family, we cultivate relationships with mutual funds through contact with managers and fund representatives. We educate you on every aspect of your portfolio—from how a mutual fund works to what a municipal bond is.

Cash Flow and Retirement Planning
We assist and prepare you for the day you no longer have “earned income” or when you transition into your retirement lifestyle. Cash flow planning is a living project—we monitor your savings and spending to ensure you have no surprises during retirement. We also advise clients on budgetary concerns and savings plans.

Insurance Planning
As a licensed insurance consultant for the state of Utah, we can objectively assess your current needs or review insurance already in force. We advise and educate our clients on the details of policies, including health, life, property and liability insurance. WFA does not sell or market any insurance products.

General Tax Planning
WFA’s tax planning ranges from simple to complex methods that highlight reviewing past tax returns to ultimately lower or minimize clients’ tax bills. Through professional continuing education courses, our planners remain ahead of the curve.

Estate Planning
WFA assists clients in making plans for an orderly transfer of assets as well as maximizing the inheritance to heirs. Detailed reviews of current beneficiary designations, wills and trusts helps our planners determine what is next for the client in their estate planning path. Having established several relationships with estate-planning attorneys, we are able to refer our clients to a counselor that best fits their unique needs. We do not offer legal advice.

Employee Benefits
WFA planners assist clients with every aspect of their employment structure, from employee stock options to 401(k) and other employer-sponsored retirement plans. Our guidance and expertise with local universities and their specific plans is well established, as we have ongoing advisory relationships with TIAA-CREF, Vanguard and Fidelity.